Tuesday, 12 August 2014

New Images of Condado !

I cant believe that the last few weeks have gone by so quickly without ANY posts, apologies for anyone who is wondering whether the site is still live !

YES it is.... and all being well this site will be something that I can devote more time to in the future - update to follow on that when its "boxed off" as they say in Birmingham !

In the interim and following the posting on our Facebook page

See below some great PDF image set's from Milennium...
Los Naranjos


Villas Jana


Friday, 4 April 2014

Murcian President Resigns - Austerity to follow !

The Murcian regional president... Ramon Luis Vacarcel has resigned from his post in order to stand for the forthcoming European parliament elections on May 25th.

Vacarcel of the Partido Popular (Peoples Party) has served in the role since his election in 1995. He started his political career in 982, the year in which he joined the Partido Popular and later took on responsibility for the territorial organization of the Local Meeting of the municipality of Murcia.

In October, 1983 he became a member of the Executive Regional Committee of the PP, as the leader of the Territorial Area of the Region of Murcia. Four years later, in 1987, he was nominated a regional vice-president of the People's party. In the Municipal Elections of 1987 he was elected as a councilman of the Town of Murcia, regaining the role of president and speaker of the Municipal Group for the People's party.

In 1991, as head of the People's party, he won the Municipal Elections to the Town of Murcia, although an political agreement between the Socialist and the United left parties prevented him from acceding to the Mayoralty. In November 1991, he was elected president of the People's party of the Region of Murcia, a post that he has retained in successive congresses.

The immediate successor for Vacarcel and the candidate chosen by him personally will be his current No2....Alberto Garre, born in the town of Torre Pacheco Murcia in February 1952 . Garre is a lawyer and his political career was boosted by his pharmacist father who was a councillor in his hometown. Garre also served as counclilor and spokesman of the Popular Party in the city from 1987 to 1995. He was regional deputy for the People's Party from 1991 to 2004 .  

After his formal takeover of the role its is expected that Garre will work hard to tackle the Murcian regional deficit which is currently the highest in the country. To this end a period of austerity and a reduction in central office functions and administration is expected, two key figures in the administration have already been given the Spanish Archer (El-Bow) - Juan Bernal the finance minister and Pedro Cruz.

Of particular interest is the demise is Pedro Cruz who has been the main force behind regional tourism in the area and a strong advocate and promoter of  "Paramount Park" and the airport at Covera  - further lengthy delays in both of these projects seem inevitable  - and it was all going so well on 1st April !!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Flights Scheduled into Covera for Paramount Park Opening

This is a total exclusive for today only......

I understand from my contacts within the aviation industry, that not only is Covera undertaking test flights today, but the initial scheduled flight in 2015 will coincide with the opening of the Paramount Theme Park.

I also understand that the 1st flight will arrive directly from Washington DC and the opening ceremony for Paramount Park will be conducted by Barrack Obama himself, it appears that when a young senator he and his family spent many happy hours watching paramount movies at the local drive in with such titles as "What did you say" and "I dont believe it" 

Its well known that the new theme park will have a wide ranging Star Trek Theme and we look forward to "boldly going" and trying out this wonderful new asset to the Condado area.

Sources tell me that these dual projects while initially slow to get off the ground have very recently been revitalized by a combination of Brazilian and Nigerian finances and money is now no object in getting both of these key entertainment and transport projects into public use.

We have no idea who is behind this new consortium of wealthy investors but my sources tell me the code name for this project team is  "Loof Lirpa"

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Earthquakes.... and a Geography lesson !!

Lorca....May 2011.....and I wonder if you were as surprised as I was to hear about a 5.1 level earthquake that took place in the close proximity of Condado....

The images of destruction and the tragic loss of life were things I had never imagined happening in Europe, but on further investigation I discovered that the Alhama region sits on a prominent and well known earthquake fault line, indeed its even known as the  "Alhama de Murcia fault" and its a prominent oblique fault that runs from south-west to north-east for over 100 km through the Murcia province.
Concerned by this I did a little research on Wiki ref earthquakes and our locality, apologies if this takes to you back to "Geography 101" at school....but its interesting stuff..... easy concepts 1st

Tectonic plates are large plates of rock that make up the foundation of the Earth's crust and the shape of the continents. The tectonic plates comprise the bottom of the crust and the top of the Earths Mantle.  There are ten major plates on Earth and many more minor ones. They float on a plastic-like part of the Earth's mantle called the asthenosphere. The plates are most famously known for being the source of earthquakes.
The tectonic plates are about 100 km (60 miles) in thickness, with continental plates tending to be thicker than oceanic ones. The composure of the two types of plate is also quite different. Oceanic plates consist of thicker basaltic rocks, compressed by the pressure of kilometers of water. Continental plates have a lower average density, containing granitic rocks with a heavy composition of aluminum and silica.. The mantle underneath the tectonic plates is constantly recirculating, causing the plates to float around slowly in a process called tectonic drift. This process was described well by the theory  of plate Tectonics, which solved several scientific dilemmas about the distribution of species when it was introduced. When plates push up against each other, they create mountain ranges and volcanoes. Mt. Everest was created in this way !!

The shortening between the African and the Iberian plates is absorbed by a number of faults distributed over a very wide zone with very low slip rates and long periods of seismic loading. Thus a seismotectonic map based only on faults associated with seismicity or with expressive geomorphic features is incomplete. It is possible to characterize seismogenic faults using paleoseismology.

First, paleoseismological results based on trenching analysis in the eastern Betics (Lorca-Totana segment of the Alhama de Murcia fault) are presented. The main paleoseismic parameters of this fault segment are (1) a minimum of two to three M w 6.5–7 earthquakes in the last 27 kyr (shortly before 1650 A.D., between 830 and 2130 B.C. and shortly before 16.7 ka, respectively), with a mean recurrence period of 14 kyr, and a very short elapsed time, and (2) a net slip rate of 0.07–0.6 mm/yr during the last 30 kyr. These results were extrapolated to the rest of the known active faults in the eastern Betics and were added to the slip rates of the active faults at the African margin. The total slip rate of the transect, which crosses de Alhama de Murcia fault in Spain and reaches the Cheliff basin (Algeria), would represent 21–82% of the total shortening between Africa and Eurasia estimated from plate motion models and seismic moment summation. A number of factors could account for this discrepancy: (1) hidden seismogenic faults in the emerged areas, (2) absence of correlation between current and late Pleistocene slip rates, (3) extensive small faults that are undetected and that absorb a significant amount of the deformation, and (4) possible overestimation of the convergence rates.
The earthquake in Spain that occurred on 11 May 2011 appears to be the latest in a series of earthquakes occurring along the Alhama de Murcia fault; a prominent oblique fault that runs from south-west to north-east for over 100 km through Murcia province.  Geological studies have confirmed the importance of this fault as one of the structures controlling crustal shortening as Europe collides with Africa. The fault can be partitioned into a number of segments, and of these, only the segment close to Lorca appears to be seismically active in historical times. The shallow depth of the 11 May earthquake, which contributed to the amount of damage caused, and which has been estimated to have been as little as 3.5 km, appears to be typical of the behaviour of the Alhama de Murcia fault . Earthquakes in the range of 5 to 6 in magnitude have occurred at regular intervals, notably in 1579, 1674, 1783, 1818, 1855 and 1907.

The most recent activity on this fault segment was in 1977 and 1978; however, these earthquakes were only around magnitude 4...... long may this dormant period continue...

Monday, 20 January 2014

Mickey Mouse Tales ??

You would think that it wouldn't be possible to build not one...but two brand new airports and then have both of them them sit there unused...

But as this has already occurred both at Castellon and Corvera,  nothing I ever hear about the much heralded  Paramount Theme Park will convince me of its existence..Not until I am standing in the sunshine, queuing for a white knuckle ride, while holding a monster hot dog !!

That said the annual 2014 FITUR tourism show opens in Madrid this week, and offers yet more chances to view impressive 3D models and sexy videos while behind the scenes the Premursa  team scurry around looking for investors.

Click on the Link for the PDF of the park plans !!

Pres Release follows - sounds like a roller coaster ride.... somewhat reminiscent of the last few years of Paramount discussions ??

PARAMOUNT THEME Park will take centre stage at next week’s Tourism Expo in Madrid. Murcia’s Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, said that Paramount Park, which will once again star at the 34th International Tourism Fair (FITUR), to be held from 22nd to 26th January.

Jesus Samper, president of flagship projects Murcianos (Premursa) said during last week’s press conference that, “skepticism does not worry me in the least. There was also skepticism about the New Condomina but there we have a stadium.”

Samper indicated that they are working with eight investment funds, all foreigners, but again refused to give the names, for reasons of confidentiality: “They did not wish their names to go out in the media.” He added that “The first buildings on the ground will be seen within eight months, upon completion of the installation work for water supplies, telephone and light as well as the implementation of security measures and houses for workers, plus the infrastructure needed to begin constructing the buildings and the installation of the attractions.”

The total cost of the works, according to Samper, is 100 million euros, corresponding to capital, while between 130 and 140 million is the investment provided by financial institutions. The remaining money will come from the sale of individual plots and hotels, Park Lifestyle Centre, the area where they will have hotels, shops, bars and restaurants.

Paramount will occupy 50 of the 311 square meter pavilion at Fitur. The theme park will be recreated by a three-dimensional visual that will cover each step of the most significant areas, from West Fargo to The Enchanted Castle, Main Square and the Future Sleepy Hollow. All the major recreation attractions will be displayed at the show, among which there will be four roller coasters, the largest of which can 'travel' up to 160 kilometers per hour, dropping from a height of 120 meters.

Cruz said the installation is, “absolutely stunning and an attraction in itself. It has been produced in Los Angeles, and provides a static 3D virtual walk where visitors can enjoy the picturesque attractions and areas. It will be exactly like this in reality.” The facility will accommodate up to ten people per session, which will last for about ten minutes.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2014 - Where would I rather be today ??


I am just back in at work and chained to my desk after a wonderful Christmas....and as I sit here watching the rain pouring down outside, my thoughts turn (as they do often) to Condado.

A quick check on the the weather forecast shows that the high today is due to be 20C and  Sunny - why on earth am in cold wet rainy London when I could be in Spain !!

Its been just over a year since I last posted....but buoyed by New Year enthusiasm and a sincere hope that 2014 will finally be the year that my wife and I are able to spend an extended period in Condado, I thought it would be appropriate to start posting again !

We spent our limited time on site in 2013 and think the total days spent were around 20  - just not enough when there is so much of everything onsite now - peace and quiet and great facilities...

A few Highlights of  2013 and in no particular order !!
  • American Breakfasts at Big Gs
  • Eating outside at late in the evening at La Cata
  • Beer and Football Coverage at the Clover.... excellent as always
  • Massive blue cocktails at Boakao
  • The market onsite and others elsewhere
  • The covered market in Mazarron
  • The new french restaurant
  • Sitting on the empty beach at Bolnuevo in glorious sunshine on November 5th
  • A long evening on July 4th with Elvis and cocktails
  • The feeling that we always get when we drive back up entrance boulevard and say."it's great to be back"

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Minutes of the AGM - December 2012

I am pleased to finally be able to publish the Minutes from the AGM held in early December - these are enclosed on the below link in both English and Spanish.  The UK translation commences on Page 22 and runs through to page 42....the final few pages show the balance sheets for the year.
The listing of all the "elected "presidents is shown on page 40, this is the 1st and only notification I have had from ML that I am no longer the P16 president and have been out-voted and replaced by Iain Mitchell. I wish Iain well in this role and am sure he will keep all owners in the block as informed as I have tried to do over the last few years. 

My personal thanks go to the owners who expressed their proxy in my favour at the AGM and I am sorry that larger political issues have seemingly undermined and clouded, what should have been a legitimate voting process but appears to have been anything but....

I am hopeful that this P16 blog will continue and I hope to bring details of the resort / area and future improvements that we all expect to see to protect and add value to our property investments.

Happy New Year
Mark Needham

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

AGM minutes and confusion

The AGM's took place at Condado recently and with thanks to Phil Tann who attended, I enclose below his notes taken on the day.  Please note  - these are not the official minutes and I reproduce them for you "as is" - with my comments at the end of the narrative....when I have the official minutes from ML they will also be uploaded to the Blog.....

The agenda started with the approval of last years accounts, Mileniun read a prepared statement and informed the owners that at the 2011 year end there was €587K in the banks accounts.  It was pointed out that this figure included some €757K of debt so in reality the community was €170k in deficit, after much discussion Mileniun still insisted in including the debt within the balance as an asset. It was noted that as the majority of this debt is from 2009 onwards it is unlikely to be recovered in the short term, if at all.  The accounts were approved by the majority of gardens with the bank vote being used in Naranjos 1 and Naranjos 6 to pass the approval.  

The proposed budget for 2013 was discussed next.  In my opinion this budget had many errors and omissions, for example; 
All the contracts with the service companies gardening, security, cleaning etc. expire on December 31st and have not been renewed as yet, making it impossible for the budget to truly reflect their costs.  These contracts should of been negotiated in Oct/Nov so  the costs would of been established in preparation for the AGM.

The budget was not structured in a way that conforms to the statutes of level 1 and 2, which could result in the community fees being incorrectly calculated.  For example the sports zone and Al Kasar are both connected to and enjoy Telecomm’s from A2Z but neither of these plots contribute towards the maintenance costs.  La Isla is simply another level 2 under the master community, all common services of level 1 should be shared by quota amongst ALL level 2’s, this is not the case at present.

Only €30K has been allocated for painting, this will barely cover the cost to repairs to areas of flaking paint across the resort.  Mileniun stated that they were working on this and had received a number of estimates.  If this is so, then they should be able to determine a ballpark figure for the painting, so why not budget for that?

The budget makes no reference to the maintenance of the building book.  This is a legal requirement in the Murcia region and without which the 10 year builders warranty is as risk of being invalid. 

The current contract with A2Z expires at the end of the year.  In May it was proposed that from January 2013 the cost of the internet service should be shared amongst only those owners taking the service, the monthly cost would depend on the exact numbers signed up for the service.  It was agreed in June that the costs would be presented to the owners at the AGM for them to make a decision on it’s renewal.  Mileniun informed us that this decision would now be taken by the level 2 presidents.   How can the owners decide if they wish to continue with the service if they are not being informed of the possible cost?    If level 2 decide to extend the service but the owners, having been informed of the increased price, cancel the service then the community will be left with the shortfall.  Conversely if level 2 cancel the service it may turn out that the majority of owners would of been happy to pay the extra cost.  This is why the decision should be left for the owners to decide, once they had been given all the facts.

The budget was approved by the majority of gardens with the bank vote being used in Naranjos 1 and Naranjos 6 to pass the approval.   The new garden/penthouse presidents were then elected.

A new president for Naranjos 1 was voted in by Mileniun who used the 35 bank votes.  Mileniun also used the bank vote to appoint the bank president of Naranjos 6, outvoting an owner that wished to stand for the position.

Of all the 2012 presidents I believe that only the president of Naranjos 4 was re-elected, all the other garden/penthouse presidents were replaced.  I understand there is some controversy over the presidency of penthouse blocks 12 and 16 where the existing presidents stood for re-election and were voted for by their owners but failed to be given the position.  I understand these presidents have contacted Mileniun for an explanation. 

Naranjos 2 as a level 2 community will now be represented by the elected garden president of Naranjos 4. 
Mileniun then informed us that all the remaining points on the agenda were for information only and would be decided by the new level 2 presidents.


Debt is the major concern for the community and the odd accounting practices that ML employs in order to make a debt into an asset !!

The painting budget is non existent and one wonders if the contracts for the ground services have not been re-negotiated how we can be sure we have the funds to cover these costs into 2013 and beyond.

Despite my multiple requests to ML for an explanation they have been unable or unwilling to confirm who  was elected president for Penthouse Block 16.  At the AGM I was -re-elected in the room with a number of proxy votes  - however I have since heard from another owner in our block, who tells me that ML have confirmed that he was elected - ML have said nothing to me and its all rather strange as all the existing presidents have been removed one way or another.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Condado AGM 24th November - Proxy Votes Needed !

This posting for all registered owners on Condado and contains the Proxy Voting form for AGM taking place at Condado on 24th November 2012

The enclosed form and AGM call will allow you (if you wish) to nominate a proxy on your behalf if you are unable to attend the meeting and vote in person – it’s important that if you want to be involved in how the community is run that you take a minute to complete your proxy and return it to Mileniun as below with some evidence of your identity (ML are requesting a Passport scan)

If you don’t register your interest then ML will assume that you agree with everything that they propose and this may not be in your best interest.

Unfortunately I am not able to attend the meeting and I have already given my Proxy to another level 3 president

I suggest that you if you wish you allocate your proxy to apply to EITHER

Mr David Storey


Mr Michael Parsons

Both of whom are existing presidents who will attend the AGM

It’s important that your voice can be heard if you are not able to attend in person.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Murcia Property Snapshot

Interested to receive the below update from the moveworldwide.net - with a concise snapshot and thoughts on the Murcia region and property profiles..starting with....

La Manga Most people would class La Manga is the strip of land between the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor, but that strip is divided into two. One end is like Benidorm, the other is more like San Javier.  At the far end of La Manga, apartments are as little as 100EU but because it takes so long to travel down it, property at the near end costs double that, with luxury flats priced around 250EU. Locals would go for the cheaper zone. Overseas buyers tend to stick to the more expensive area, where front line beach properties are standard. 

Cartagena is a strange place for Brits - it's like a little London! The second city in the Murcia region, there's a lot of good stuff going on here, with a new deep sea marina being developed. The aim is to build properties around the port and turn it into a Dublin-like high-end area and attract the luxury cruise liners. There's not much space left in Cartagena to build, so instead a lot of old buildings are being redone into modern apartments. Still, not that many holidaymakers are buying, especially not Brits. 

Los Alcazares Lots of Scandinavians and Germans buy holiday homes in Los Alcazares because it's close to the Mar Menor. Holiday homes here are a bargain because of the price - it's opposite the more upper-class La Manga, but it's far more affordable. Los Alcazares was a typically Spanish town, with narrow roads and a good local market, but it has since been extended. There are not many new build properties in the area, so you need to go outside of the town to find new developments. 

San Pedro -  If buyers could get a place in San Pedro, they would. When I first moved to Murcia, I lived here. It was great, but parking was a nightmare in the summer because Spaniards would come from the North for the beautiful beaches! Overseas investors tend to find that the places are smaller than they expect because they have been built for Spanish buyers. It's only a 1km walk to the beach so homes don't tend to include swimming pools - one of the main things Brits want. There's not a supermarket in San Pedro as such; it's a holiday destination so if you live here, it's quite a drive to the shops.   

San Javier is very similar to San Pedro! It has the current airport, which gives it an advantage, but when Corvera's International Airport opens, that will change. Still, there are some lovely beaches and bars. 

Águilas is a beautiful place. Really beautiful. The beaches are probably the best in Murcia - on a par with the South of France. There are new properties here, but the developers are naive, so the resorts don't always have facilities such as bars. The town is lovely but it's mostly undiscovered by the Brits. That could be because of the roads - you used to have to drive all the way around to get here - but the new motorway means it's only 20 minutes from the Paramount Theme Park, so there's a lot of potential for things to improve. When the park opens and the facilities are added, Águilas could become one of the most in-demand hotspots in Murcia. 

Mazarron is a bit of a myth place... There is one development called Camposol, which has been there for years, but that was basically a bog land. Because the developer, MASA, was well connected, they erected these quick, pre-fab properties and sold them at low prices. They were featured on TV shows, such as Holidays from Hell. People still come out looking for these cheap detached villas, but they don't always buy them. It's 15 minutes in-land from the Murcia coastline, so they're not exactly beachfront, although there are several nice golf courses. Otherwise, Mazarron has got some great views, lovely mountains and nice beaches, but the properties on the coastline can be quite pricey.

Sucina - a typical mountain town, a nice little place with a couple of golf courses. It's popular with overseas buyers - quite a few Brits go to the Spanish schools there - but the market has got room to expand. Sucina seems to be at the centre of all the new motorways in Murcia. It's connected with the new shopping malls, the new airport, it's just 10 minutes to the coast, 10 minutes to the city... It's really well linked up. When Paramount Theme Park arrives and Murcia starts to see an undersupply of property, all kinds of developments will spring up around Sucina. 

Alhama de Murcia -  15 to 20 minutes inland, Alhama benefits massively from being the nearest town to Paramount Theme Park when it opens. Everyone wants to go there, it's popular, but I've never sold a house there. It's a nice town, but the property tends to be Spanish-style housing, situated above restaurants and bars. Existing developments that do appeal to overseas investors tend to consist of identical units of white houses. But most people in the know are buying property here now because of the location - in a few years, more developments will appear and demand will soar.